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  • SOAPER 400

    Pollution remover for dyeing& printing dyeing& Denim washing. Anion. In the washing process( the last step of dyeing), it can disperse the extra dyeing in water. The agent suitable for denim washing and printing dyeing’s pollution removing process. It can also be used as leveling agent in dyeing technology.

  • SOAPER 600

    Metal ions chelating agent for bleaching. Anionic. The agent has a great chelating ability for metal ions. It can improve the bleaching effectiveness and whiteness in bleaching technology. This agent can also prevent the scale deposit such as silicate. During the denim washing process, it can prevent zipper’s decolorization.

  • SOAPER 701

    Cleaning agent for bleaching& dyeing. Anion. It has a great chelating effectiveness for metal ions. It can be used in dyeing process to improve even dyeing property  and cleaning effect.

  • SOAPER PC-300

    Chelating dispersant for metal ions. This agent can remove the metal ions both in water and fiber, improve the cleaning effect. It can be used as leveling agent during the dyeing process, suitable for the water quality improvement process.


    Acid neutralizing cleaning agent. Anion. This agent is a cleaning agent which can be used after the alkali treatment, it can remove the alkaline residue, adjust the PH value, remove the extra dye in water, and improve the color fastness.


    Remover for chlorine and hydrogen peroxide’s residue in chlorine& hydrogen peroxide bleaching process. It prevents the embrittlement caused by chlorine and extra hydrogen peroxide. The agent also has a great cleaning effect.

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