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    High concentration of alkali - resistant scouring agent. Nonionic& Anionic. It has excellent alkali resistance ability and permeability. Suitable for cold bleaching process or continuous scouring bleaching process. It’s a low-foaming agent.

  • MERIT BIOconc

    Refining penetrant for all kinds of fibers. It can improve the permeability and equitable dyeing ability during the dyeing process. It can also be used as accelerator in bio-processing.


    Refining penetrating agent for bleaching and desizing. Nonionic& Anionic. It has great  emulsifying effectiveness, it can be used to remove oil, paraffin, cotton paraffin and other weaving oil. It’s a low-foaming agent.

  • SINTOL CSconc

    Low bubble type refining penetrant. It can emulsify and disperse smoothing agent for knitting fiber. It performs a great refining effect with a very small amount, it’s a highly concentrated agent.


    Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer in refining bleaching process. Nonionic& Anionic. This agent does not contain sodium silicate. With which the products will feel soft. It has great refining effect. High water absorption and high whiteness products will be produced if use it with hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda. The agent also has the ability to lock metal ions.

  • WASHNOL S-70

    Low bubble type refining penetrant. Nonionic. It has great permeability, and suitable for continuous refining process, it also has emulsifying effectiveness which can prevent the dropping oil re-polluting.


    Nonionic emulsifying dispersant. It has great emulsifying effect for cotton wax and knitting oil. It can also be used as cleaning agent for tank.


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